DP8390DN/NS32490DN NIC Network Interface Controller


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DP8390DN/NS32490DN NIC Network Interface Controller

The DP8390D/NS32490D Network Interface Controller (NIC) is a microCMOS VLSI device designed to ease interfacing with CSMA/CD type local area networks including Ethernet, Thin Ethernet (Cheapernet) and StarLAN.

The NIC implements all Media Access Control (MAC) layer functions for transmission and reception of packets in accordance with the IEEE 802.3 Standard. Unique dual DMA channels and an internal FIFO provide a simple yet efficient packet management design.

To minimize system parts count and cost, all bus arbitration and memory support logic are integrated into the NIC.

The NIC is the heart of a three chip set that implements the complete IEEE 802.3 protocol and node electronics as shown below. The others include the DP8391 Serial Network Interface (SNI) and the DP8392 Coaxial Transceiver Interface (CTI).


DP8390DN/NS32490DN NIC Datasheet


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