Replacement Varta to CR2032 PCB Only


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Replacement Varta to CR2032 PCB Only

Replace old leaking Varta 3.6V NiCd batteries in old computers and other retro devices that used them for battery backup.

This module uses a vertical CR2032 battery and a schottky diode to prevent the motherboard from trying to charge the battery, then the battery can provide backup power to retain settings.

Comes fully assembled but soldering skills needed to solder to motherboard.

Battery not included

List of materials that you need:
D1   1un    1N5711        RF DIODE SCHOTTKY 70V 430MW DO35 DO-35 THRU-HOLE
J1    1un    S8401-46     BATT HLDR COIN 20MM 1 CEL PC PIN PC PIN THRU-HOLE
J2 J3  Install by user when mounting to motherboard. Can use wire leads or 0.1″ header pins to solder to MB, aligning as necessary to fit available space and exact MB pin spacing.


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