XT IDE Rev 4 PCB ISA Controller Card with ROM Chip


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XT IDE Rev 4 PCB ISA Controller Card with ROM Chip

Glitch Works XT-IDE rev 4A

Comes with ROM Chip and XT-IDE Universal BIOS v 2.0.0 with file ide_atl.bin (for 286 or better) installed.

If you require another file (example for a 8088/8086 system) just let me know.

For sale is the current revision of the Glitch Works XT-IDE, rev 4A. This project is available as a board with a ROM chip. Revision 4A changes are minor and are mostly to ease assembly. Do note that, due to a board house goof, some of the pin header areas are extremely tight when using standard square post pin headers, we currently recommend installing soldered jumper wires or using machine pin strips.

This board are intended for the vintage computer hobbyist who already has a grasp of soldering and wishes to assemble their own XT-IDE rev 4 controller.

You can read more about this revision of the XT-IDE controller, its development, and its features at the project page on our site:

This is a new made, high quality PC board with the following features:

  • Standard 0.062″ thickness FR4 substrate
  • Selective hard gold plated edge connector (much thicker than ENIG)
  • 45 degree edge chamfer for easier card insertion
  • HASL surface finish with leaded solder for easy solderability
  • All components and settings described in silkscreen legend
  • Fully open source — board schematics and layout available on GitHub

The XT-IDE works with the XT-IDE Universal BIOS, another completely open source project, to provide IDE hard disk support for vintage computers with 8-bit IDE busses. These include the IBM 5150 PC, IBM 5160 PC/XT, and many compatible clones.


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