COMPAQ SLT 286 Portable Laptop Classic 1980s Computer


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MPN: slt286
Brand: Compaq


COMPAQ SLT 286 Portable Laptop Classic 1980s Computer

This classic Compaq Portable laptop is a must-have for vintage computer enthusiasts.
With its design and compact size, it’s perfect for collectors or anyone who appreciates the history of computing.
This laptop is a true gem from the 1980s, with all the features you need to experience the nostalgia of that era.
The Compaq SLT 286 is a reliable and durable device, ideal for both personal and professional use.
Get your hands on this vintage piece and take a trip down memory lane.
Comes with Carry Bag
Dallas battery is dead. I provide a Diag diskette so you can boot to harddrive.
The disk must be in everytime you plug the computer do it can detect the HDD
The solution is to replace the battery
640Kb RAM
21 Mb HDD
MS-DOS 6.22
Wolfstein 3D
No Power Unit! I used my power bank to test it.


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